Where Did All the People Go? Chapter 2

Audrey Stone
4 min readFeb 5, 2023
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STOP! READ CHAPTER ONE FIRST! Click here for chapter one.

I begin pacing back and forth around the kitchen, my breath coming quicker now.

Okay, okay, deep breaths Ella. You’re hyperventilating now.

I briskly fan myself as my steps speed up. I have no idea what happened between the time I went to bed last night and this morning when I woke up.

Everything had seemed like a normal Sunday night. My mom and I had movie night every Sunday night, as a way to prepare for the upcoming week. Eating popcorn and milkshakes for dinner with our movie. Everything had changed so drastically since then.

My neighbors, Mr. And Mrs. Paddington, maybe they could help-if they were still here. I rush out the front door and race to their house next door.

Banging on their door and violently pressing their doorbell I yell out “Mr. And Mrs. Paddington! Please, help! I don’t know where my mom is! I can’t find anyone!” After a few minutes I stop pounding on the door. I pause and wait, stilling myself. Frozen and waiting. As if time has stopped.

Disheartened, I let out the breath I had been holding, and turn to retreat back to my home.

As soon as I close the door behind me the tears start flowing. I lean my back against the door, covering my mouth with my hand as a sob threatens to escape my lips.

Sinking to the floor I allow the tears to flow now, hugging my knees to my chest. I may have felt alone in this world before, struggling to connect with my peers. Always with my nose buried in a book. But now… now I really am all alone. Everyone is gone…and there is no one around to help me.


I have to call the police, report that so many people have gone missing. Maybe there was an evacuation of my town, maybe I was just forgotten.

I stood up, wiping the tears that streaked down my face. They couldn’t have just disappeared. There must be a logical explanation to all of this.

I pull out my cell, dialing the emergency number. I wait as it rings. The ringing doesn’t stop. After five minutes of holding the ringing phone to my ear I slowly set it down on the counter, my vision blurs and I dissociate for a moment.

Okay, no police. This is fine, everything’s fine. Maybe they’re busy.

I go to the garage connected to the house and search for the old baseball bat I used for T-ball when I was younger. Rummaging through the bins until I found it. Just as I remembered, a metal pink and silver bat. Having no idea what was going on I should at least have something to protect myself. I had seen enough horror movies to know I should at least have a weapon in this situation…whatever that was.

I silently prayed that this wasn’t the zombie apocalypse, and then laughed at myself for thinking something so silly.

I take the bat back in the house and pack a small backpack with a few essentials, water, food, and a flashlight, just in case I didn’t make it back before dark.

Slinging the backpack over my shoulder and with the bat in hand I set out to head into the main part of town. I just need to find one living person, anyone who is in the same position as me. Anyone to help me figure this out.

Living in a small town all my life, the eerie stillness of the town sent chills down my arms. I walked through the streets, only the howling of the wind to be heard. No lights were on in any of the shops circling the town square. I was used to bustling sounds of life, and people moving around. Now it was silent, empty.

Suddenly, movement in the alley by the bakery catches my eye. I whip my head in the direction, but there’s nothing there. Maybe I imagined it? I creep down the alleyway with caution. Keeping my steps quiet.

A loud crashing sounds behind me. I jump out of my skin dropping my bat with another loud crash. I pivot to where three large garbage cans had fallen over. In the middle of where they lay on the ground a rather fat orange tabby cat comes out and begins scavenging through the cans, probably looking for food.

I clutch my chest, letting out a gasp. My heart pounds in my chest. This was it. I had been searching the town for any signs of life for hours and this was it.

Feeling defeated I allow my knees to buckle, sinking to the ground I begin sobbing into my hands uncontrollably. There is nothing I can do. I don’t know where everyone is. They’re all just gone.

I feel soft fur brush up against my arm. The cat had come to me. It purred, and rubbed against me, circling around and around. I reached out and pet him, and he began purring louder.

“Looks like it’s just you and me now.” I said to the cat through my tears. “Let’s go home.”

I picked up my bag and baseball bat and headed home. Surprised that the cat followed me the whole way, but feeling utterly hopeless.

I became inspired to continue this story. I plan on posting a chapter a week. If you’re interested stay tuned! Also, if you have any name ideas for the cat from Ella’s pov let me know!



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